Yet NH Democrats REFUSE To Condemn ‘Antifa’

by Kimberly Morin



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  • Michael

    This whole Antifa movement sort of reminds me of the Tea Party movement back in 2009. Wait, no it doesn’t.

  • sb

    Of course they refuse to condemn it. They support it. They are just as short-sighted now as they were prior to the 2016 election when “the end justifies the means” to take down the right. Add to that, they don’t see half of what we see because their media doesn’t report it or flat out lies.

    If they condemn it, in their mind that supports the right. And that will never happen.

    • Bryan W

      But if “the right” accidentally scratches the arm of a bystander, “the left” and their propaganda arm demand that everyone up and down the line condemn it – a serious double standard.

  • Nick Martin

    I’ll condemn it, again. The people who show up to protests aiming to incite violence or silence free speech are ignorant thugs — regardless of their other political views. Good enough?

    • Bryan W

      I’ll accept it from you, but I Double-Dog-Dare you to say it to Ray Buckley’s face, and ask him why he isn’t condemning it.

  • 175jfs

    The action arm of the Democrat Party.

    • Bryan W

      That used to be called the KKK. They switched white robes for black, and lynchings are now beatings with a chain or a baseball bat or a pole with nails in the end. Same motives. Same basic strategy – terrorize those who disagree into silence and acquiesce.

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