WaPo Apologetics ‘Anarchist Weekend Warrior’ Edition

by Scott Morales

You’ve heard the characterization of those serving in the National Guard as weekend warriors or Harley Riders as weekend warriors.  Now, the Washington Post gives you: Anarchists as weekend warriors!

I’m not kidding. I’ll start with a tweet by satirist @iowahawkblog:

I just read the Wapo article. The funny thing is the tone of the peace is so tender and gentle, as if they were stroking a cute wittle kitten. Even though they’re talking about, you know rioting, setting stuff on fire, brawls. But it’s all in the name of anti-Trump that it’s, like, cool.

But outside their 9-to-5 jobs, they call themselves anarchists — bucking the system, shunning the government and sometimes even rioting and smashing windows to make a point.

I wonder if I could spend two seconds and see what they said about the TEA Partiers who rioted and smashed windows to make a point? Oh, wait, I can’t. Because they didn’t. The TEA Partiers were known to pick up the garbage after their demonstrations… Those sick, crazy b@stards!

The piece focuses mostly on 3 poor misguided delinquents. The writer didn’t say what each did for a living, but did say that they anarchists “are graphic designers, legal assistants, nonprofit workers and students”. Most were always protesting something (naturally), but what coalesced these three intestinal morsels of refuse into one steamy pie, was none other than… <dark foreboding music here..> Donald J. Trump!! <woman screams>

But their anarchist community made a fiery entrance into the Trump presidency on Jan. 20, when they organized thousands of people to protest his inauguration by blocking security checkpoints and marching in the streets. Hundreds of them, clad in black clothes and masks, rioted through the downtown.

They used wooden poles and pieces of concrete to break storefronts and smash newspaper boxes, according to an indictment in D.C. Superior Court

The next paragraph in the piece is both humorous and very telling. Think about the excuse making that comes from children when they kick and scream: they don’t get their way, so the foot stomping and floor rolling are justified.

What the court documents call “malicious” and “violent” acts, the anarchists see as a necessary way to draw attention to poverty, racism, educational inequality and other problems.

Ohh… then never mind smashing my storefront window.. You just wanted to let me know there’s poverty out there. Thanks! Good thing I’ve go a few grand in the bank for a new window…oh… wait.

The piece goes on to mention that the brats were not happy with other U.S. leaders too. That they protested the Big Eared one, but it was too small and nobody remembers reading about it. Maybe because it was against the WaPo’s pick for Pres that nobody knew about it? Just guessing.

The WaPo writer desperately tries to normalize these criminals going to the extent of even including a list of food that was at one of their meeting where they planned their criminal behavior. Because hey, is anyone who eats deviled eggs and banana bread really so bad? I mean come on. It’s just property they’re setting ablaze, right? Who cares if a limousine that gets destroyed?

Muhammad does, that’s who!

Muhammad Ashraf, whose 2015 Lincoln super-stretch limousine was burned by rioters while parked downtown,

The vehicle was a total loss. After insurance payments, it cost him $60,000 out of pocket to replace, he said.

“When that car becomes a source of your livelihood, it becomes a part of your life. I don’t know if the protesters understand that when they destroy something — the way I felt when I saw my car burning, it really hurt me deeply even though it’s just a car,” he said. “Six months later, I still want to know, did that accomplish anything?”

The author included the limousine bit (probably because the editor said, “how about some balance?”) and then immediately gets back to the work of excuse making interviewing another willfully blind, spoiled brat in the next section.

“I was like of course they’re breaking windows,

…she says, and later goes on to say

People assume that anarchism is so extreme. But I associate it with wanting everyone’s needs to be met.”

Missing the obvious contradiction that the Muhammad’s needs didn’t get met… they got destroyed costing him sixty grand. I wonder why the WaPo writer didn’t bring that up. Oh yeah, because it’s an apologetic. But to the writer’s credit whether it was intentional or not (probably not) she does expose some of the more pathetic aspects of these miscreants. Like their cowardice. They’re heroes on the cheap. Sure, they’ll act tough with a mask on, but will scurry when exposed.

The group decided to use “black bloc” tactics, wearing dark clothes and masks so that authorities would have a harder time identifying — and convicting — participants.

“You can breathe easy at a black bloc. You know if one person gets demasked, they will have your back,” said one anarchist who participated in the inauguration black bloc but asked to remain anonymous because of possible legal implications.

Tough guys…I’m sure.

One of the more funny lines comes from a PhD student (of course) and

adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who teaches a class on the political economy of fascism, said anarchy is “the idea that we should be seeking to liberate everyone because, when we are all looking out for each other, we all ultimately benefit.”

The guy clearly hasn’t heard of Hobbes’ state of nature or is too dim to understand it.

I’ll end it here.  Re-read tweet at the beginning. He’s right. Real anarchy would see the women raped and guys beaten or killed but hey, it’s easier to pretend they’re the tough ones.

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