Taliban, ISIS, Progressives – birds of a feather?

by Skip

Statues Taliban ISIS Progressives

(H/T: Lucianne)

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  • Bruce Currie

    Your comparison is bogus. Generally, the Confederate statues are not being torn down, they’re simply being moved, ideally to a place where they and the historical figures and their deeds represented by them can be put into historical context. These figures were not heroic–far from it; they were guilty of sedition, and they were fighting to preserve a system of bondage that enriched a tiny minority of southerners at the expense of both those they enslaved and the rest of the “free” southerners. These statues represent an attempt to rewrite history; taking them down and putting them in their proper place (a museum, along with accurate explanatory materials) is long past due. It would be nice to think these actions are a sign that the nation has begun at long last to deal honestly with its history of enslavement and racism, though there is little evidence of that otherwise.

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