The New Media Militia and Granite Grok on Girard At Large

by Steve MacDonald

Steve on GAL 8-7-17This morning I spent some time on the Girard at Large Radio program. The two topics of interest were a recent controversy in the state over Human trafficking and a change in leadership at

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  • Nick Martin

    Steve, I’d love to contribute to GraniteGrok. How do I sign up? 😉

    • Kind of you to offer but I’m pretty sure I asked for conservatives, conservatarians, or even libertarians.

      • Nick Martin

        Ah yes, your safe space and all… Well if you get tired of the echo chamber, I’ll be around.

        • Radical Moderate

          This is no “safe space” Nick I post regularly here on GraniteGrok and I have had opposing points of view on several occasions which ends up in spirited healthy debate. I give you my word they have never been vindictive or banned me for having opposing points of view. Though at times I get crotchety and semi-caustic to some posters, I am always respectful to G.G. for allowing a forum where the public has a chance to exercise their first amendment right.

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