And the MSM keeps wondering why we hate them, more and more?

by Skip

Encapsulated in one tweet:

Lyin Media

And this is why we call them “Democrats with bylines” – remember:

  • 95% of all newsroom political donations go to Democrats
  • When interviewing Conservatives or Libertarians, listen to the intensity of their voices and how they frame the questions – they are adversarial.  God forbid they use the same tenor or probing questions of Democrats.  Or, for that matter, Communists.

The MSM is not Liberty leaning at all.  When have you seen them actually promote full on bore individual freedom when they “report” on the news of the day or in opining?  Hardly at all, if at all.  No, their orientation is that of the Collective and in the idea that Govt knows best 

Sidenote: even as they deride that “Father knows best” – heck, you don’t have to watch much TV at all to know that all fathers are little more than bumbling mumblers of little consequence at all.  After all, everyone else in the family is smarter, quicker, and have more “common sense” than the family’s clueless buffoon.  Because of this “lack” we ALL should be taking direction from our Govt if you

In fact, if you use a real special filter on your TV, you can see the brown on their noses underneath all that pancake on behalf of the Progressive Authoritarian movement. This sliming  of Charles Koch is just outrageous – its not like the Left hasn’t been going after them for years simply because they want Free Markets and people to be able to make their own decisions – and not government.

Thus, this is yet another ugly face that we get to see as the MSM has dropped its mask.  Reporting no longer…

(H/T: Instapundit)

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