Men Support Topless Women – No Kidding, Really?

by Steve MacDonald

Seacoast Online Caption Photo-Rich BeauchesneThe media has a thankless job for which we give them endless grief, almost all of it deserved. No, it’s not just the bias. Sometimes it’s the stupid stuff like this.

Hampton Beach is holding another Go Topless Day on August 26th. The picture leading the story has two women and a man in the foreground with the caption, “Women were supported by men around the shoreline of Hampton Beach on during Go Topless Day 2016.”

You nailed it. Men were at the beach “supporting women” who were topless.

I’m no expert, but I’m going to predict similar support again this year. I’m also predicting a surge in the sale of sunglasses.

The second goof up comes with a strong language warning. Something the editors at the Union Leader should heed because it is their screw up.

Anyone who has ever worked on mass emails or email marketing knows that it’s not just a good idea to try and view your emails in all the most popular platforms before sending them, it’s an excellent idea. A live look at how that package handles your missives, updates, and messages can save you a lot of headaches down the road. And automation just hasn’t caught up to this problem yet.

Case in point. The way some punctuation looks when resolved into text next to the text it is punctuating.

This screen grab is from Yahoo! Mail, which is not exactly some obscure email inbox destination few folks will have chosen. Millions of people use it.

UL Email oops

Well, that’s interesting, just be careful if you decide to “Quote Them” on that.

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