Media Noise Ignored

by Scott Morales


Sleep was just another opportunity to feel like a Bolshevik. But that is what they want, the believers, the steely ones, that is what they live for: the politicization of sleep. They want politics to be going on everywhere all the time, politics permanent and circumambient. They want the ubiquitization of politics; they want the politicization of sleep. — Amis, Martin,  Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million

“They want politics to be going on everywhere all the time”, what does that remind you of? Safe spaces? Trigger words? Firing an employee for views not held by a company? Shouting down and silencing people whose view are not your own? Thought crimes?

This totally stinks of today. Where we’re demanded to accept that she is a he and he is a she and the use of the general neutral singular pronoun “he/his” is a slight. Where people wear black, assault people with views different from their own, damage and set ablaze other people’s property and then call themselves… anti-fascists? 2+2=5.

Man, the left is annoying. It so desperately wants attention and demands it and, alas, the craven and morally benighted in the country willingly oblige.

But the benighted are only a small, tiny part. Though they seem to be the loudest clogging the veins of the mass media Kraken. Elsewhere, however, where I have been the past several months, the gusting idiocy hyperventilated in the media is not even a breeze strong enough to wriggle a leaf. People go about their business and when the lunacy starts its shrieks, the station is flipped or device blackened.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are the loons out there, and they impose their politically correct idiocy wherever they can (including in most corporations in my opinion…but that’s for another day). But where many people gather outside the confines of a restricted environment where they may speak and act freely without fear of offending someones delicate sensibilities, none of this idiocy comes into play.

I’ve been on ball fields since early April,  all over the state, Massachusetts, and in New York. For the most part, people are polite, well- mannered, and good natured. They get along even if their teams get bad calls against them. The most heated exhortations are not from spoiled snowflakes recoiling into a tizzy from seeing a MAGA hat, but from coaches angry at their players, the umpires, or their choice for their part-time summer vocation. Not about the trivialities that ensorcell the chattering overly made-up domes on the media screens. Those fools are pre-occupied by self-conjured silliness that most ignore or do not take seriously.

What a terrible way to live. There was a time when I envied, or at least admired, those that must press their faces to the fishbowl of politics and current events in order to report or comment on them. Nowadays, that’s no fish bowl. It’s a bowl full of liquid to be sure, but one used to capture steaming actions temporarily before swirling them down into the abyss. Sure, it needs my attention now and then, but not all the time. Unless I get sick or have a batch of bad clams.

It’s been hard to get worked up to write something political over the past few months because I simply feel that times are… well… stupid. Very stupid. At least the times described in the media. I mean white people pretending to be black, men pretending to be women, everybody is a victim even the most culpable. Sore loser politicians pretending Russia is much more powerful than it is, that history only started in late November. And the day before yesterday a “phone and a pen” executive overreach was not only an acceptable way of getting things done but a courageous way. But once their guy didn’t hold the phone and pen it becomes a characteristic of a fascistic dictator whom we must resist. It’s all so tiresome, boring, and genuinely dishonest. And I think that feeling is shared by many. No self-respecting person subjects themselves to being lied to and conned day-after-day once they realize that that’s what is happening.

I do have a hope though.  My hope is that all the bloated fealty the left and others have towards politicians gets deflated and withers after witnessing how opportunistic and loathsome politicians really are and thus move to limit their power greatly.

So, people tune out … and play ball. They know the benighted don’t have the numbers to touch our sleep.

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