Mark Steyn on the Media’s Reaction to Trump vs. North Korea

by Steve MacDonald

Mark Steyn on Tucker Carlson discussing the media’s priorities while a rogue nation threatens a nuclear strike on US territory.

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  • Nick Martin

    Heh. “No one fights the crazy guy in the back of the bar,” says the host, to characterize Trump’s approach to foreign policy. At least we found some common ground in describing his temperament. But, you know who does fight the crazy guy in the back of the bar? The crazier guy who feels backed into a corner.

  • Bruce Currie

    From Mark Steyn to Donald Trump: one blowhard to another. Returning from Steyn’s alternate reality to the one on this planet, Scott Ritter describes one way out of this mess:

    “…China is the key to any solution. At this juncture, the United States has little choice but to accept the reality of North Korea’s nuclear armament. The problem now becomes how best to contain this reality, and eventually roll it back. One solution would be to turn to the Chinese, and invite them to extend their nuclear umbrella over North Korea, incorporating the North Korean nuclear arsenal into a unified nuclear deterrence capability. China would announce a no first use policy, which would extend to the North Korean nuclear force. Any unilateral violation of this policy by North Korea would result in the Chinese nuclear umbrella being automatically withdrawn. The North Korean strategic nuclear force would be capped at an agreed level, perhaps a regiment-sized force of some dozen missiles.

    “The United States could then enter into serious arms control discussions with China that included North Korea and Russia (and later India and Pakistan) to scale back the size of their respective nuclear arsenals (understanding that Chinese nuclear disarmament cannot take place in a regional vacuum). One of the key objectives of any such negotiation would be a freeze on the deployment of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems by all parties, and the institution of on-site inspections as a means of verifying compliance; this would get American eyes on the North Korean arsenal, increasing confidence among American politicians that North Korea was not operating in violation of the accord (it would also halt a trillion-dollar nuclear modernization program currently planned for the American nuclear arsenal.)

    “The nuclear negotiations could go hand in hand with a larger regional conference on stability in the Korean peninsula which would involve the reduction of conventional military forces on both sides of the demilitarized zone, the removal of destabilizing weaponry, such as the American THAAD anti-missile capability and North Korean medium ranged missiles, and the normalization of economic relations between North Korea and its regional neighbors, free of sanctions. The endgame in this dual approach would be to create a situation where North Korea would no longer feel the necessity to possess an independent strategic nuclear capability, and instead be willing to exist under the protection of a Chinese nuclear deterrence force that would, over time, be negotiated down to zero, along with the other nuclear arsenals of the world.

    “This kind of creative diplomacy has been lacking over the years, mainly due to the arrogance on the part of American diplomats and policy formulators that blinded them to the good of the global collective in the name of sustaining unilateral American nuclear supremacy….”

    • Radical Moderate

      You have got to be kidding me!×150.gif
      You want us to take advice on national security issues from Chester the Molester Ritter who got out of jail just three years ago for corruption of minors and indecent exposure.
      Only people like you would still be following a slug like Ritter.

      • Bruce Currie

        Which has exactly what to do with topic at hand?

        • Radical Moderate

          You offered no comment on the issue yourself Bruce. All you posted was a full quote from disreputable source that 0% real world knowledge of the topic. Ritter has been out of the loop for years.

          • Bruce Currie

            Clearly, “American Conservative” feels differently about Ritter’s qualifications. I posted the excerpt because I think his detailed proposal displays common sense and has merit.

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