John Hawkins lets LOOSE a wicked micro-rant on Liberals and Hate!

rightwingnews_logoJohn was one of the first of the national level bloggers that linked to GraniteGrok during our early years from his RightWingNews site.  I later had the chance to meet and talk with him several time at various conservative events and get togethers to swap stories and just talk shop.  Interesting because early on, he was one of the few “full time – professional” bloggers making a living from just blogging which was unusual at that time (especially on the Right although the Left already saw the need to have alternative voices and made sure they got funded).

Anyways, he has a column up over at Townhall and it is a wicked corker!  A taste (emphasis mine):

Most liberals are hateful people. As hateful as Nazis. As hateful as KKK members. As hateful as Fred Phelps and his God hates f@gs wackos, who are, come to think of it, Democrats. Liberals are as much defined by whom they hate as what they believe in.

They hate straight, white males and non-liberal white people in general. They hate Christians. They hate Republicans in general and conservatives in particular. They hate women who don’t tow the feminist line. They hate the wealthy, business owners, bankers and stockbrokers. They hate southerners, gun owners, soldiers and cops. They hate gay Americans and minorities who don’t want liberal help.

The Left is no longer subtle about its hatred…

Go read the whole thing!

Oh yeah, they hate us, too!