Granite Status Mentions Donations by “The Mooch” but Nothing about Debbie Wasserman Schultz

by Steve MacDonald

Union Leader LogoDan Tuohy’s Granite Status leads with  ‘The Mooch’ donated to NH politicians,’ including this gem.

Perhaps the surprising thing, based on the many donations reported to the FEC, is that Scaramucci didn’t also donate to Shaheen or another Granite State Democrat.

We could say the same thing about the scandalous Debbie Wasserman Schultz. There’s no record of her ever giving to a Republican. But then days after the congressional scandal broke Tuohy’s not the least bit interested in any monetary exchanges between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and New Hampshire Democrats.

Wasserman-Schultz’ campaign committee has given money to both Ann Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter.

And while I didn’t check the odds are good that the DNC and the NH Democrat Party also passed money back and forth under her command, though again, nothing to see here.

The New Hampshire media blackout on Li’l Debbie and Imran Awan continues.

The black out is so complete that the New Hampshire media hasn’t even broached the subject to hint at conspiratorial madness by Trump supporters looking to distract.



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  • roger

    Where’s the story on trumps calling that great state of NH a “drug den”? Don’t forget to comment on the fact that he didn’t win NH.

    • Radical Moderate

      Trump lost the NH electoral votes but he won the NH popular vote. Strange how that’s an important difference when it comes to Hillary winning the US popular vote and losing the US electoral vote.
      As far as New Hampshire being a “drug den”…Trump is correct.
      President Trump was talking with the Mexican Ambassador and was trying to make the point of the seriousness of the US drug problem and that the majority of people in NH are getting slammed by per capita overdoses and voted for him because they were smart enough to realize that the vast majority drugs are flowing over the US/Mexican border.
      Only the Fake News MSM or an idiot doesn’t acknowledge that President Trump was ACTUALLY trying to stick up for the State of New Hampshire in the conversation.

      • 175jfs

        Well said.

    • I think that story was right before the “NH needs more money/ “professional” personnel, to address opioid crisis”, and the blotter report numerating the drug “related” crimes
      I could be wrong of course.

  • It’s probably because Scaramucci just a few days ago served briefly but unforgettably as the White House press secretary, whereas Wasserman Schultz is kinda boring and has been old news for a year or so by now. If she gets indicted or something else noteworthy happens, you will doubtless hear more about her— but right now she’s just a rather mediocre Congressperson who used to chair the DNC and did a bad job as chair. At the moment. she is not newsworthy.

  • Ed Naile

    Finally, the progressives have a statewide paper and don’t have to depend on the liberal business insider tab.

  • In case this has escaped observation by “others”, the (never signed) Union Leader
    Editorial opinions have been relapsing back to the #nevertrump catering menu. .The choice of published “letters to the editor” seem to be going the direction of “The Week”, in their (IMHO) 3 parts retarded per one part sane formula.
    Oh sure, I know who to “blame’, and their names are in the masthead.

    • Radical Moderate

      If you’ve noticed that Establishment Republican leaning rag has stopped allowing any public comments. That shows they consider the general public a nuisance rather than an honor to serve them.
      Strange that the supposed NH Left leaning newspaper still allows public comments. You would think it supposed to be the other way around with the Leftists blocking free speech.

      • I was speaking of what appears in the dead tree editions.
        I have NO idea what appears “on line” for UL, (despite their pleas as I gave them my E-mail box address when I renewed my delivery subscription) OR the who are you trying to kid with “supposedly” left ” paper, of the SOUTHERN “cosmopolitan” region.
        I believe the UL shut down “on line” stuff due to the range of civility in the well reasoned “OMG, you big poopy pants moron NAZI racist white sexist denier (assorted)-phobic puppy hater! ” garbage that progressively permeated the “free” forum.

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