Dems Got Friends In Low Places…

…And they’re not big on social graces*…

Digging for dirt in the wrong places - Ben Garrison
Digging for dirt in the wrong places – Ben Garrison

The old saying “can’t see the woods for the trees,” well, Mueller can’t see the swamp for all the corrupt Dems in it. Comey getting himself fired so his handlers could insist on appointing his even more corrupt friend, Mueller as Special Counsel was designed to keep “The Russia Show” on stage while all the piles of dirt and excrement attached to “leading” Democrats went uninvestigated. Make the man investigate real crime, or fire him!

*Apologies to Garth Brooks

by Mike

Mike is a British import of more than 30 years, who was a conservative in the days of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

A staunch constitutionalist, Mike espouses all good causes toward the libertarian side of conservative – EG he who governs least, governs best. He believes that the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights mean what they say, and that candidates for office should take their oaths of office seriously.
Here to defend, without irony “Your rights as Englishmen from distant and tyrannical government”, Mike knows whereof he speaks and exhorts all US citizens to live, breathe and teach our history and our constitution.