Breaking News: NH Voter Database, Election Integrity Commission Lawsuit Dropped

by Steve MacDonald

clean-electionsHot off the digital press from Tony Shinella at Patch,

CONCORD, NH — Two elected officials and the ACLU who had planned to sue the state to keep it from releasing the voter registration database to the recently formed Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity have dropped their lawsuit after Bill Gardner agreed to only release pictures of the registered voters. The plaintiffs pointed to state law that limits access to statewide list for political purposes and limits other access to viewing at the state archives or purchasing public checklists from each municipality and stated that the release would violate the law. Gardner, according to press statement by Anne Edwards, an associate attorney general, argued that the state’s open records law, NH RSA 91-A, required the release of the marked voter checklists maintained by the state.

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  • Radical Moderate

    This was posted over at Patch and thought it made some great points…

    Two glaring reasons why the federal government has a legitimate right to the NH voter database”
    1. The NH voter database was created in 2002 in compliance with the federal Help America Vote Act and was paid for by federal funding. That means they have a right to access it.
    2. If there there was reason to believe that minorities were being disenfranchised from voting and the Federal government wanted to access the voter database to investigate you can bet your bottom dollar they could legitimately obtain it and the ACLU would be at the forefront making sure the Fed’s got it. A voter fraud investigation is the exact same thing.
    Why Gardner backed down is beyond me.

    • Bryan W

      Also, as Ed has pointed out before, 52 USC 20703

  • Ed Naile

    Its a kabuki dance in another NH court.
    Neither Gardner nor the ACLU want the Trump Commission having anything usable such as the electronic database.
    The absolutely single reason to not hand over our supposedly fraud free database is because the Commission could match it with other states.
    Those with something to hide keep hiding.
    Today, Vermont sent ME their statewide database – by email – for free.
    NH is dirty and the ACLU and Gardner know it.
    Congratulations Neal Kurk

    • Radical Moderate

      I agree Ed. What needs to happen is that NH needs to be made an example of. The next move is to declare it an official Federal investigation for civil rights violations and subpoena all the computers containing the voter database. If collusion is proven then all the NH officials involved including the Rep need to be charged Federally.

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