Did Al Sharpton REALLY go out there and say this?

by Skip

Rev Al SharptonSHOT: Sharpton Leads ‘Ministers’ March’ to Protest Trump: ‘This Nation Is in Moral Trouble’

…The march was spearheaded by Sharpton, who also made political remarks that addressed what he called “immoral” actions happening in the United States.

“We wanted 1,000 rabbis, Sikhs, imams, Christian ministers of all denominations because we wanted to say this nation is in moral trouble,” Sharpton said in a speech to the marchers. …”It’s time for moral leaders of all religions to get rid of their fear and … speak up and stand up and stand up together,” Sharpton said. “I want the media to see this crowd of rabbis and priests and preachers. And we may not agree on every local issue, but we agree on a universal issue, and that is morality must be above party politics.”

CHASER: Rev. Al?ou mean “moral”, like

He’s parlayed a walk with MLK into a lifetime of grifting with his Action Network.

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