“Abortion is Hate”; a sign at yesterday’s Free Speech rally in Boston

by Skip

evil-tolerance-silence-speech-ach-chaputI only caught only a little bit of the Free Speech Rally on TV yesterday. The one that struck me the most was before the “official” rally started on the Boston Commons band. All of the local Boston channels had roving reporter / camera guy crews roaming the crowd on the outside of the barriers that were erected to protect the few dozen actual Free Speech Rally attendees.  The snippet I saw was about a single older gentleman surrounded by a “micro-mob” of 20/30-somethings (many of the college kids in that area) screaming all kinds of foul language at him.  The least foul word was “Nazi” – which was hurled his way (in screams and hand gestures).  His “failure” to meet the fanatics opposing him?

While the gentleman stood stoically on that rise, taking the vileness from these “tolerant” people whose message they keep telling us is “love”, the reporter relayed that he hadn’t been talking, hadn’t been engaged in debate (neither in calm or in yelling), or mindless screaming his position.  No, all he had done to rile them up was to silently hold up a single sign:

Abortion is Hate

I wish they had shown the sign and I can’t find it anywhere on the ‘Net.

He is right – abortion is hate.  It is hatred towards Life.  It is hatred against the pillar that one should not murder.  It is hatred of a decision that was made that could result in a new life.  It is hatred towards responsibility.  It is hatred to a large, large consequence of ignoring that decisions have consequences.  With that last part, it is a hatred towards norms that gotten us this far as humanity, as a people.  It is a hateful act – to take the life of an innocent victim whose only “crime” was to be conceived by someone that hates them.  It is hatred in that it is selfish – ME! comes first.

Normal people would stand admonished by this.  Not that crowd – they would not stand for any correction to their stances – and the ability to kill the unborn is one of them.

When the police finally came to “rescue” (I believe at the gesturing of the reporter), he was directed to another area.  They failed to escort him and while I had to leave at that point, it was clear that the crowd was not going to let him go to that place.  Isn’t that fascism?  Isn’t that a silencing in and of itself?

It certainly wasn’t the “tolerance” that this crowd seems to espouse. But is anyone surprised at this?

Not me.

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