Why am I not surprised at the GOP running dead last?

by Skip

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All we hear from the Dems and the Media how BAD Trump has been – then why does the general public rate Trump better?  Mostly because, all tweets aside, he is getting things done which is what he campaigned on and is doing.  He is keeping his campaign promises for the most part and the voters see that and approve.  But the Media and the Dems (and I repeat myself again – I just can no longer tell whose dog is wagging whose tail) see Trump as the antithesis of everything they stand for and want especially in that he took their Power away LIKE A BOSS.  The public sees it – and likes what they see because they don’t care about the Inside The Beltway niceties, the nuances, the “correct way” or the Establishment.

Trump was sent to blow it all up.

The GOP, on the other hand, other than running a lot of their legislation against Obama’s regulations (Hey, GOP – why aren’t you even TRYING to drain that Administrative Swamp in the first place?  Oh, I see: you’re wallowing in the same mud as the other Statist rats and snakes – and LIKING IT!).  I do know why – you made promises that you knew you wouldn’t keep when you actually took the Power we gave you.

You lied to us.  You forgot about one of my Golden Rules of Politics – Winning is only a precursor; it’s what you do afterward that’s important.

But again, you haven’t figured out that second part, have you?

(H/T: Instapundit)

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  • roger

    What is he getting done exactly? 40 percent rating is horrible and you are saying that’s good because the public dates the entire party low? Good logic.

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