NH Enters Day Six of Media Blackout on Wasserman Schultz/Imran Awan Story

by Steve MacDonald

NH media blackoutImran Awan is Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Pakistani IT guy. A man implicated in a growing scandal involving several congressional offices, computer equipment, and the data on some damaged hard drives. A man who ran the DNC chairs IT operations out of her congressional House offices, on her payroll until the day after he was arrested by Capitol Police and the FBI.

The story broke six days ago. A Tale of international intrigue with the potential for insider influence peddling that has all the elements the Democrats with millions of dollars in media resources and thousand of investigative hours (over the course of eight months) have failed to uncover in the Russia-Trump story.

But a search of local New Hampshire media sites from NHPR, The Portsmouth Herald (SeacoastOnline), Keene Sentinel, Union Leader, NH1, WMUR, and others produced zero search results for the IT guy the FBI arrested, Imran Awan.

It’s a complete mainstream media blackout.

So what happens when you search Trump+ Russia? You get plenty of results, naturally.

NHPR- 852 hits
Union Leader – 524
Keene Sentinel – 356
SeacoastOnline – 853
WMUR – 1016
NH1 – About 5900

So, how about searching Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

NH1 – nothing after May 2017
WMUR – Last story on DWS, April of  2015
SeacoastOnline –  Nothing relevant.
Keene Sentinel – Last story, July 27, 2012 (Yes, 2012)
Union Leader – Nothing Relevant.
NHPR- Last story, July 24th, 2016 (when she stepped down as DNC chair)

New Hampshire dinosaur media blackout.

Goes well with the national Main Stream Media Blackout. Hey, maybe that’s why?

Not to fear. New Media Militia has links to three stories, GraniteGrok has one of those and mentions it in another, and Girard at Large mentioned it in two segments last Thursday.

But that’s it so far.


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  • But wait, there’s more – Pakistani intelligence service, anyone?
    The Awan family have been ripping off Congress for several years, as well as conducting espionage on behalf of a foreign power – ISI, anyone?
    In a recent statement regarding plans to move to Pakistan, Imran Awan said that they’d be treated like heroes there – hmmm? Why, exactly?

    Ripping off? Stealing hardware, overbilling for services, and more.
    Espionage? Why exactly are DWS and the Dems around her so anxious to protect the Awans? What kind of dirt have they accumulated on leading Dems? We hear that they were part of DWS’ conspiracy to disenfranchise Bernie supporters, too.
    What about the smashed hard drives that were abandoned in their Virginia home when they beat a hasty exit? What kind of data had they stolen?
    Did you notice that some of their “employers” were on various sensitive intel committees?
    Talk about leaks! Dems. Why is it always Dems who employ our enemies as part of government?

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