More On Lil’ Debbie And The Pakistani Thieves Spies

by Mike

This GrokClip from Tucker Carlson Tonight, hosted by Laura Ingraham last Thursday, adds depth to the degree of perfidy of DWS and the house Dems who allowed the Awan brothers to rob them blind while apparently stealing sensitive information.

Note how Lt Col Schaffer points out that some of the stolen information appeared to be destined for a foreign intelligence service – Pakistan’s ISI, anyone? And why, exactly, are the Awans treated as VIPs by the Pakistani government – spies, perchance? They’ve been embedded in Congress since they were first hired by Robert Wexler in 2005!! Since then they’ve become protected adoptees of Debbie Wasserman Schultz – what do they have on her?

Let’s talk collusion and treason, shall we? On the part of the Democrats!

Lots of reference info at, and the Daily Caller.

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