At Least We Know What He Meant by ‘Piece’

by Steve MacDonald

Banana flasherMan allegedly shows his “piece” to an underage girl. It turns out it is not paradise after all.

(NH1) NASHUA — The operator of a Nashua spray tanning business is accused of exposing his penis to a female juvenile while giving her a spray tan.

Police received a complaint Tuesday that David Clark, 48, of 6 Fox St. in Nashua, showed his genitalia to the girl in late June at Piece of Paradise on 20 Broad St. in Nashua.

If anyone else has unexpectedly “seen” Mr. Clark’s “piece” the Nashua Piece Police Department would like to hear your story.

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  • Nick Martin

    High quality, political insight right here. Keep up the stellar political blogging Granite Grok! It’s not everyone who can copy and paste snippets from news articles, then add nothing of substance!

    But he’s probably a Democrat, am I right? A-hyuck hycuk.

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