“Here’s a letter from San Francisco’s Medicaid program encouraging illegals to use Medicaid”

by Skip

“We understand that these are challenging, fearful times for undocumented members of our community”

Calling Joe “You Lie (Obama)!” Walsh.  We heard from years that Federal benefit funds are off limits to illegal aliens.  Yet here we are, open borders folks all too willing to take our money and give it to illegals that shouldn’t even be here.  The unmitigated gall to use such a euphemism “of our community”, right?  The Letter (H/T: RedNationRising via Newsalert):

Benefits for Medicaid

So, are they paying into the system like the rest of us?  Hardly.  But once again, we see Progressives all too willing to be “charitable” with other peoples’ money; would they be doing this if it was their OWN money?  What’s the over / under, since these lawbreakers actually signed this letter, that they’ll get arrested?

Oh, yeah – Nancy Pelosi’s district.

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  • Bryan W

    Hmm, protected by HIPAA? That seems to be an easy fix.

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