DISQUS Doodlings – once again, Environmentalist proves they hate humans

by Skip

They get so upset when they get found out when they let slip that their whole idea is that humanity is the evil that plagues Nature and GAIA (the quaint notion that Earth is a living being).  And then they get upset when we merely observe what they say – and repeat it.  The sick thing is, most of them really mean it like this commenter over at Treehugger (here).  Screenshot:

TreeHugger Kill THem All

Notice under the original is that two other folks LIKED it and the subsequent commenter basically agreed with the sentiment; it isn’t an unknown sentiment and really does explain why environmentalists don’t want ANYONE to do ANYTHING ANYWHERE and continue to work to restrict development, be it of housing, industrial areas, schools, mining energy sources (e.g., fossil fuels) and even fight against renewables.  THeir sentiment is that Nature should just be left alone – forever and that no one should be able to access that area ever again.

Well, I did remind him of what he just said:

“After all, the very best thing for the environment would be to design and release a super-virus that would spread unchecked throughout the world, killing every human being.”

And reinforcing, once again, a stereotype that environmentalist / conservationists have brought upon themselves. Sorry the “not a course of action” bit gets shuffled off to the bit bucket what stuff like that is written, which then often evokes the obligatory “hey, great idea – you first!” to prove adherence to spoken Principle.

I’ve been waiting to see if it gets deleted – and just bring it to y’all’s attention that it is exists and I think it will grown.  Certainly it grew under the Obama administration by his proclamation of putting more and more lands out of reach of, well, everything.

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