Blogline of Day – the stereotype is reinforced every time the Progressives open their mouths

by Skip

And summed up perfectly by this:

If you want to know what smug liberal superiority and self-righteousness is all about, this is the piece for you.

That would be a piece in Pravda on the Merrimac by Rep. Mary Jane Wallner and Sen. Dan Feltes – both Progressive Democrats – which basically tells the rest of us that we do NOT have any rights to our wealth as long as they have better things to spend it on (especially when the theme is about “it’s for the children!!!” so SHUT UP).  And it comes “right in your FACE” in the third paragraph where they make it absolutely clear that they have first claim on your money (emphasis mine):

Gov. Sununu’s partisan budget spends much more on additional tax breaks for business owners and big corporations than it does on child safety and child protection. In doing so, it blatantly ignores “foundational” (basic) recommendations on child protection coming from a recent independent audit of DCYF.

No, NO budget ever “spends” for tax breaks – it is simply money that Government (seemingly, especially with these two) “allows” us to keep.  Remember, money that is taken in taxes must FIRST be earned either by individuals, small business, or big corporations.  What these two thieves want you to believe is that you aren’t entitled to that money – they (and their other Progressive comrades) should be as they say (/sarc) it is “for the common good” or “for the most vulnerable amongst us”.

Sorry, but anyone making above a “living wage” is fair game for their thievery – all because they simply got more votes than the other guy. There IS no other reason but they won. Which gives them the outsized ego to believe they have the moral right to take from one to give to another.

Tax breaks?  Silly us – tax breaks only exist because:

  • cronyism – rent seeking by the politically corrected (or lately, a protected Democrat politically correct identity group)
  • legislators made a mistake (from their point of view) and the rest of us take advantage of it.

Never hear that it was OUR money in the first place, do you?  It certainly looks like these two have no respect for the Right of Private Property (Shhh, a foundational value of our country – and one that IS the New Hampshire way).

UPDATE: Forgot about this one – and it’s along the same line:

Give us more of your money so we can buy votes from welfare cheats, and then we’ll lecture you on your privilege?”

  • Demand for more money?  Check
  • Bribe the Have-Nots (tell them the Haves have been stealing it from them)?  Check
  • Lecture us by moral preening?

Double check.

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