Speaking of budgets, how bad can it be if Powerball kicks you to the curb?

by Skip

PowerballIllinois’s budget process (or rather, a lack of one that most adults would recognize) has been a joke for decades and they STILL can’t get it right.  And now this:

Powerball, Mega Millions to drop Illinois due to state’s budget crisis

The popular Powerball lottery and Mega Millions games will drop Illinois at the end of June without a budget agreement, Illinois Lottery officials said Thursday. Concern over the state’s fiscal condition prompted the Multi-State Lottery Association to drop Powerball in Illinois, according to internal Illinois Lottery communications obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.


…A spokesman for the Multi-State Lottery Association said the group “is focused on protecting the integrity of its games and the experience of its players.”

Concern?  Sure is – concern that Illinois will take in the ticket payments but can’t pay out the willings?  Without a budget in place, Illinois has no way to give the lucky lottery winners their prizes. The Association is fearful that Illinois would give the game a bad reputation.  Illinois, on the other hand?

You DO understand what happens to anyone in the private sector that attempts that, right?  Taking money in and it “disappears”?  I would ask the Democrat dominated Legislature (and until this latest Republican Gov, Dem Guv’s as well) this question:

Why didn’t you drop the gaming in a voluntarily, open, and transparent way honestly saying “we won’t do that to our citizens?”

Nope, they didn’t.  Citizens ought to be asking “do I want to live in a State that would screw me over and pay me?  What ELSE are they doing to me?”

(H/T: Chicago Sun-Times)

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  • The Lottery.
    Hey, it’s for the education of “our” poor children!
    But, you know…ONLY from State Liquor Stores, same as any booze over 5%!
    (Not counting 80-100 proof mouthwash of course)

    Now that I can buy a multitude of brightly colored scratch off tickets from vending machines…and only “The State” pays off,over a certain amount, and takes it’s cut , and the fed’s cut…
    (and publishes the winners for the convenience of PROFESSIONAL 20% “charity” hucksters)
    I can’t WAIT till Keno/ Casino slots come in to save the day, and …” helps to pay for the education of “our poor children”.
    I don’t gamble like that, OR buy booze. SEE? Obviously I HATE “OUR POOR CHILDREN”!
    I make up for it with every $1.78 NH tax, AND Federal $1.01, per 20 cigarettes.
    “It’s for the medical “insurance” of our poor children” (SCHIP)

  • roger

    You probably should proof read your posts before you submit them.

  • 175jfs

    Failed socialist state. Soon to be renamed Venezuela North.

  • I had this bookmarked, too.
    Thought “Powerball declines to bet on Illinois”
    BTW, Roger has a point. “…..screw me over and ^not^ pay me”

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