Increased Sea Ice Now Caused by ‘Climate Change’

by Steve MacDonald

sea_ice_current with 10 year averageRemember when the Climate Cult said our children would never see snow in New Hampshire because of Global Warming but the snow wouldn’t cooperate, so it was decided that all that snow was caused by Global Warming? The same thing is happening with sea ice in the Arctic.

Large Canadian Arctic climate change study canceled due to climate change (ISYN)

“Considering the severe ice conditions and the increasing demand for Search And Rescue operations (SAR) and ice escort, we decided to cancel the BaySys mission. A second week of delay meant our research objectives just could not be safely achieved – the challenge for us all was that the marine ice hazards were exceedingly difficult for the maritime industry, the CCG, and science,” says Dr. David Barber, Expedition Chief Scientist and BaySys Scientific Lead

We’d like to able to sail unhindered through the Arctic because there isn’t supposed to be any ice there but sadly, there’s too much ice, and we can’t even pretend there isn’t. And that’s your fault.

But this is great news for the seals, yes?

Coming up on the evening news, shooting congressman and dressing up like the flying nun (red squadron)…also caused by climate change. With your tax dollars “scientists” will soon reveal how not doing those things is also caused by climate change.

BTW – Total Northern Hemisphere Ice is also not just within the ten-year average (according to NOAA) but has been trending above it.

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