Honest Liberal Law Professor Destroys CNN, Jeffrey Toobin

by Mike

Dershowitz puts Constitution before Liberalism, says Trump within his rights to direct or fire Comey…..

H/T Zerohedge.com, and the pull quote is:

“If you and I were expert witnesses in an impeachment trial of President Trump, and we were asked the question, ‘has President Trump committed an obstruction of justice by pardoning Flynn or by firing Comey, or by telling Comey not to investigate Flynn?’, my answer, as an expert on the constitution would be ‘absolutely not, he didn’t commit an obstruction of justice […] it simply isn’t a crime for the President to exercise his constitutional authority.'”

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  • mer

    I’m not a Constitutional Lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but based on my understanding, I agree with Mr Dershowitz.
    That said, Rubio’s questioning was telling, especially the “why were only 2 of these 3 things leaked?”
    AceOfSpades has some good stuff too.

    • sb

      Rubio is now having a fit about being labeled as having defended Trump. Highly amusing.

    • Ed Naile

      And no leak about Lynch asking him to help elect Hillary by mislabeling the criminal investigation against her as a “matter.”
      This entire fiasco is EXACTLY what America needs to see out in the open.
      Comey and his team tried to use established leftist elites in government and media to bring down a president with fabricated scandals.
      The good thing is it only empowers Trump and also exposed the bed wetting Republicans who are hoping for the same results.
      2018 is going to be a barn burning election.

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