Handel Win – Epic; CNN’s Faces – Priceless!

by Mike

Limbaugh Graphic

Limbaugh Graphic

CNN finally accepted reality and projected that Karen Handel would win GA06 against T Jon Ossoff a couple of minutes after 10pm last night, but one sharp viewer caught the faces of their election panel about 10 minutes earlier, as it was becoming clear that their Pajama Boy had run out of hope:

H/T Twitchy.com

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  • sb

    Almost, but not quite, as good as what we saw on November 8th! I am still not tired of it!

  • MikeyParks

    Odd how flexible feminists have become. Used to be they’d prefer a woman winning over a man.

    • Check out that Twitchy.com link – you can see some of the chat about GOP promoting women for office, while Dems squeal “not my congresswoman!”

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