GOP, you are STUPIDER than I thought if you think this is a reason why I’d vote for you

by Skip

Ben Sasse On What The Republican Party Stands For: “I Don’t Know”

I hate almost all of the MSM, as any long term ‘Grok reader knows, as over the years I have blogged about specific instances of MSM bias against presenting news stories straight up without insipid (or gratuitous condescension) commentary slapping around half their readership (or better put, former readership).  But for the GOP to think that targeting the MSM is a great idea that will get voters to go “YES! I’LL VOTE REPUBLICAN” is about as idiotic as all get out (emphasis mine):

But interviews with Republican strategists and party leaders across the country reveal that what started as genuine anger at allegedly unfair coverage — or an effort to deflect criticism — is now an integral part of next year’s congressional campaigns.

The hope, say these officials, is to convince Trump die-hards that these mid-term races are as much a referendum on the media as they are on President Trump. That means embracing conflict with local and national journalists, taking them on to show Republicans voters that they, just like the president, are battling a biased press corps out to destroy them…

“Hillary Clinton is not on the ballot so you have to have something else to run against,” said Charlie Sykes, a former conservative talk radio host from Wisconsin who has been openly critical of Trump. “And the media is perfect.”…

“I don’t think that issues like media bias are going to be the prime motivator for Republicans,” said [strategist Barney] Keller. “But, combined with other things, that can be part of a theme of standing with the president – reminding those people who voted for him the first time that they should continue to vote for Republicans.”

Sorry, but VERY few Trump voters are going to equate the MSM in voting for “non-Trump” GOP candidates.  Full Stop.  Trump is in office and will be after the mid-terms.  The mid-terms are for others to win or lose – not Trump. These voters went primarily for Trump with other GOP Primary candidates much lower on their political totem poles.  I foresee not a lot of traction in seeing the Trump enthusiasm

To circle back: if US Senator Ben Sasse, a former college professor and president, can’t figure out what the GOP stands for, how could we?  And isn’t THAT a more important issue for the GOP to figure out and settle?

Or is the GOP trying to recreate something similar to Obama’s Prez election success with the media hatred?  Sure, many conservatives like me really dislike the MSM.  But I find it ludicrous that this can be turned into an election issue – they aren’t running for anything and won’t be making campaign speeches (ignoring, for the moment, their campaign speeches for Democrats covertly disguised as “news”).  Sure, they are all, pretty much, Democrats with bylines and some are now admitting they are the tail wagging the Democrat political dog and being the media brownshirts shock troops in pushing an ever Leftward / Progressive / Socialist bent.

But given how BAD the GOP is on messaging, even if you accept the premise that “running against” the MSM is a glorious idea, how many of you would disagree with me that they’ll blow this attempt as bad as Romney’s ORCA worked. Why?

It will be the GOP that will tank itself.  First off, they suck big time on messaging – even to those that are predisposed to vote for them.  Second, other than those of you who are super-optimistic all the time, who amongst you really believe that the MSM is going to give them a decent shot AT DOING IT AT ALL?  Trump has lots of Twitter followers – but what other GOP candidate to be has that kind of crowd with which to bypass the MSM?

None.  And for those of us who vote R more because they aren’t Dems, what does the GOP have to show to prove their are worth a vote?  Six months into the new year, what has the GOP done at the national level with respect to its campaign promises?  Nada, nothing, nein.

Not exactly a sterling history on which the stand on the stump.  Yes, they put Gorsuch on SCOTUS.  They done legislation to start rolling back onerous rules and regs – but remember, they let it happen by ceding their Legislative Power to the Executive Branch.  All they are doing is nibbling around the edges (although the $$ amounts are starting to make a difference)

No, I doubt this will work but hey, what do I know, right?

(H/T: Hot Air)



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