Even if it seems that you’ve taken all the right precautions….BOOM! in almost a real personal way

by Skip

Tannerite.  Refrigerator.  Distance.  Hiding behind trees……wait, WHAT?

Unidentified white flying object ensues…

But one man making YouTube history took our obsession with shooting to a whole new level when he decided to pack a refrigerator full of explosives… and shoot it.

Sometimes it pays to be lucky than smart.

(H/T: Bearing Arms)

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  • roger

    Yeah don’t need any sort of Gun control at all.

    • granitegrok

      OK, Roger, what kind of gun control would you have applied in this case? I look at it this way – this would have been a consequence of his decision to even try this. It LOOKED like he took all the right things but assumed that things would mostly go UP and not ACROSS.

      If he had been killed, his fault.

      So I take it that you believe that Govt should pass laws and regulations should be numerous and sufficient to control all issues of our lives. I also take it that we should move from a permissionless nation to one in which we must ask permission to do anything – good to know.

      • roger

        well you can legislate every idiot I’ll give you that. Can we just give him a stupidity fine?

        • granitegrok

          No stupidity fine – that’s both God’s and the Darwin Awards to take care of. I just wish government would stop trying to keep people from making dumb mistakes – and then socialize the cost of mitigating them when they are done. In this case, the guy almost lost the risk / reward equation. He almost made himself the “experience” that the rest of us would learn from – that a little Tannerite is fine but that amount was life-threatening.

  • 175jfs

    Refrigerator control. Why wasn’t that door welded on? More standoff, next time..

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