DISQUS Doodlings – whereupon NH State Rep Timothy Horrigan, once again, shows economic illiteracy

by Skip

horrigan_Looks_Drunk_hereEven though he at least shows up here once in a while,  NH State Rep Timothy Horrigan’s comments are often off topic, irrelevant, or plain wrong.  In Steve’s post, McDonald’s Pulls the Trigger: Replacing Cashiers With Kiosks in 2500 Locations, he manages the trifecta of all three.  Like this one:

As for the $15 wage, McDonald’s already operates restaurants in many countries where the minimum wage is $15 or even higher. The Economist Magazine publishes a “Big Mac Index” which shows the costs of a Big Mac in every country where McDonald’s operates. The most expensive Big Mac is in Switzerland (where the minimum wage is about $13/hr), but it’s only $6.35, as opposed to $5.06 in the USA.

As for the kiosks, they are being developed even at a moment when there is little or no chance of the US federal minimum wage being increased.

My retort started like this: “…I certainly don’t go Switzerland just to buy a burger….”

But those countries are not the US – I certainly don’t go Switzerland just to buy a burger.

The STUPIDEST argument you’ve made yet is that the US Federal min wage isn’t going up. I’ve tried to be nice over the years but this gets you The Dope of the Day award.

The US might not be, but go to SeaTac, San Fran, NY, and other bastions of Progressivism / Socialism and ask all those former restaurant and book seller works how they are replacing the job they lost because govt officials and politicians, who have hardly ever worked in the private sector and signed the front of a paycheck, decided that THEY (and not their employer who had to deal with the aftermath) knew better than employers did.

They now have no jobs. Yay for Progressivism (aka Socialists) of which you are one.

So Timothy tries to be the apologist for the Statists that believe that they few can successfully order around an economy that consists millions of people making hundreds of millions of decisions with valuations of trillions of dollars and believe they know better.  It definitely shows that he’s of the same ilk and shares the same hubris that you can’t make the right decisions.

Nope, that’s not true – they’re upset because we won’t make the decisions THEY WANT US TO.  So they’ve gained the levers of power to ensure we do what they want.  That’s Timothy – our choices are their choices.

But he didn’t stop there:

McDonald’s is describing this as an “upgrade” of those 2500 stores to the “Experience of the Future.” Along with the kiosks, they are also adding table service. Unless McDonald’s is planning to use drones, this will require live human beings.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told CNBC:

“Our CEO, Steve Easterbrook, has said on many occasions that self-order kiosks in McDonald’s restaurants are not a labor replacement. They provide an opportunity to transition back-of-the-house positions to more customer service roles such as concierges and table service where they are able to truly engage with guests and enhance the dining experience.”

He actually believes the PR!  And remember, he’s defending and deflecting government’s decision to really hike small business’s labor costs because LIVING WAGE” on what are entry level jobs that used to be the stepping stones of high school kids and part time jobs.

Hey Timothy, how is a high school kid gonna get a job at what used to be one of the largest teen employers EVAH!

No, Timothy, they won’t be fired – too much of a PR problem. They just won’t be replaced over time. You know, the Economic Invisible Hand that reacts to stupid govt policies.

After all, it’s Socialist like you that determined that 30 hrs/week is now full time and those workers had to have Obamacare coverage. Lots of workers lost their jobs or hours.

And since the govt arbitrarily decided that companies that grew past 49/50 workers HAD to offer (and pay for) coverage, they decided NOT to grow past that limit. Why SHOULD they, Timothy? Companies don’t exist to be welfare departments for the Govt – or do they, Timothy?

Indeed, the Economic Invisible Hand played here as well – workers failed to gain jobs because companies didn’t hire them because govt made it too expensive to hire them (especially at the low pay / low profit margin companies).

It’s that Invisible Hand, the cumulative decisions and actions of those reacting to market forces, that Socialists REFUSE to recognize and understand (the equivalent of “the best government is the least government” for more and more, Government interference that is determining how businesses have to be run.

And once again, Timothy loves doing.

Except he WON’T use his own money and start his own business to see what the policies he helps Democrats enact will do TO that business.  Several of us here have owned / run / managed businesses.  But would Timothy ever consult us and use our policies?

No, as he sees himself as one of those “we’re the right people to implement” Socialism, bit by bit by bit.

Hey Timothy – just look how that’s working out for Venezuela?  Or even closer – Illinois.  The State that is living out the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s true words:

The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money

While Timothy and his cohort deride it, it seems they are using Atlas Shrugged as a how-to manual.


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  • Switzerland bans abortion after 20 weeks with a few medical exceptions. You can only get an abortion before 20 weeks after having counseling. Correct me if I’m wrong but if we filter that through the modern American progressive snowflake machine this is a hate crime against women, an assault on their heath care rights, and constitutes a war (on women), bigotry, misogyny, and institutional patriarchy.

    Where are the herds of New Hampshire Democrat women (and some men) parading around Bern dressed as Handmaids?

    Switzerland also has some interesting ideas about gun ownership that might go against the typical worldview of the Horrigan’s of the ideological left.

    Is Timmy prepared to embrace these ‘reforms’ along with the one he approves? Probably not.

  • You guys sure seem to think you know an awful lot about the inner workings of my brain… more than I know about the inner workings of my brain!

    I don’t know how seriously I should take your comments, although this time you actually did refer to something a self-described progressive (specifically, myself) actually said or did.

    As for Swiss abortion law, I did a lot more research into the topic than you guys normally do—several minutes worth! I saw no evidence of a 20-week ban, although if the pregnancy is more than 12 weeks, the woman needs a certificate from her doctor.

    • Ed Naile

      What to baby parts sell for in Switzerland?
      Do that pay more for hearts and livers than lungs?
      Planned Parenthood’s parts crew had a list with suggested prices.

    • granitegrok

      We know you from what you say, what you write, and how you vote. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do much extrapolation from there.

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