Blogline of the Day – Radicalization is not just for religious zealots.

by Skip

The Alexandria Shooter was “Radicalized” by Mainstream Media.

Yes, conservatives believe in individual agency – James T. Hodgkinson is the only one responsible for shooting Republicans.  However, was his political outlook (and later, moral failure) fanned by the MSM?  Over and over again?  After all, how often has the MSM been the cheerleaders for strictly the Democrat Party (and donating almost entirely to the Dems……and using that revolving door that separates “journalism” and “Progressive” politics?

Let me get your engines’ reving -isn’t that one of the current memes in another area – Islamic Jihadis radicalizing other through (wait for it! Wait…wait…wait) media?  No, I am NOT about to make an equivalence here – just show that that media can accomplish the same thing but in different areas (although I’ve remarked often that politics can be a religious experience and life to some, so the analogy may not be all that half-baked).

Those of you on the Left may not “get it”, but those of us who have been called every pathetic, rotten, condescending name in the book do.  Extremist, xenophobe, homophobe, jingoistic, redneck, uneducated, bitter clinger, deplorable, irredeemable, and that awful sexist gay slang for those that are TEA Partiers (thanks to CNN’s Anderson). And that we were violent.

Yet, to that last part, it never happened and certainly not in the way that the MSM portrayed us to be.  And it was effective – the percentage of those in the general public that favored the TEA Party dropped like a rock.  Yet, was it the Truth for we folks that simply wanted Free Markets, Govt to abide by Constitutional limits and fiscal frugality?  Of course, but we were “radicalized” against.

For years, the verbal onslaught was non-stop.  It worked.

Since the Nov election I’ve watch the rhetoric ratchet up….and up….and up again.  The Left feels, one again, that the election was stolen from them (even though it was a landslide in the Electoral College) simply because “Hillary won the popular vote!”.  Big deal and so what – that’s not how this game is played.  The Dems made the risky bet of passing Obamacare – and have now reaped the reward of basically being a bi-coastal rump party out of power everywhere except the coast lines.

And they’ve become #TheResistance to #Resist.  And Resist they are – look at the college campuses, look at Berkley, see how Trump supporters have been met.  AntiFA claims to be “anti-fascist” – they’ve become a self-fulfilling prophecy in becoming, literally, what they say are against.

And if you;ve been watching, they aren’t limiting themselves to what the TEA Partiers did – rallies, yelling, making/holding/waving signs, and then cleaning up after themselves…oh wait!

That last part – not so much (not even those attending Obama’s inaugurations could pick up after themselves).  But they did replace it with home made weapons and Mace when they’ve violently turned “anti-rallies” to physically beating up people.  And yes, the Right is no longer taking it sitting down.  Don’t get me started with the Black Bloc anarchists that show up on the Left side of the equation (and the Lefty cities in which they show up “pull their police” to, as we’ve heard in the past “space to destroy”.

But the quantity and intensity of the rhetoric, and now the physical violence, have now gone over the top.  And the MSM has been right there (left there?) doing the cheerleading from Ferguson onward maintaining The Narrative that emphasizes the Left and diminishes the Right to where the term “Otherizing” seems to fit so well.  Did they complain about Obama’s bitter clingers line?  No. How about Hillary’s deplorables?  Nopers.

And go here to see some examples of well known Lefties talk politely (heh!) about Trump.

No, Bernie isn’t personally responsible for Hodgkinson’s attempted murder (maybe that FB group he belonged to -> Terminate Republicans).  But he has been declaring and clamoring for a Revolution.  Sorry Bernie, but sooner or later, ALL socialist Revolutions come to arms – Russia, China, Viet Nam, North Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, the former Easter bloc nations.  And let’s not forget our current history – the Socialist Revolution in Venezuela now in its expected death throes.

Welcome to a real revolution that may well happen.  Or not. After all, there is no common ground philosophically between the Left and the Right anymore – Socialism is not compatible with Constitutional values.  No where. There is no compromise.  There is a chasm that cannot be bridged in any way possible.

The question then is, which side is better prepared if this is not just a one-off?

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