Paris Mayor Threatens Ban Of 'Exclusively Black' Feminazi Festival - Granite Grok

Paris Mayor Threatens Ban Of ‘Exclusively Black’ Feminazi Festival

Mayor Hidalgo ‘Reserves The Right’ To Prosecute for Racism!

afrofemfest-paris-2017From Zerohedge and Bloomberg, we find proof that the courage to buck the PC trend shows up in the least expected places.

Feminazi groups in France have planned an “Afro-Feminist” festival for the end of July, at La Generale, a public facility in Paris, but there was a twist – many areas of the festival would be for black women only, with other sections reserved for “black men and women from minority groups that experience racial discrimination.” In other word a pity party for the poor little victims to wallow in their hurt feelings and denounce whites and colonialism.

Now, France may have an immigration problem, but a proud principle of the French republic is that society is racially blind, that government does not maintain racial or ethnic statistics, and there are strict laws against discrimination, thus it might surprise you to know that civil rights groups were against this discriminatory event, and in favor of the mayor’s actions.

Mayor Hidalgo, therefore, threatened to ban the festival, and further reserved the right to prosecute the organizers for racism (Imagine the mayor of Baltimore or Ferguson saying that to Black Lives Matter! The event organizers, MWASI, “an Afro-feminist collective that is part of the revolutionary liberation struggles,” said Sunday they were the “target of a disinformation campaign and of ‘fake news’ orchestrated by the foulest far right.”

The final twist, ladies and gentlemen, that brave soul is Mayor ANNE Hidalgo, a proud socialist, who sees no room for racism in her city, and was prepared to shut down a feminazi festival to uphold the law. You go girl!!