Noted Socialist Meddles In French Election

by Mike

One Vacuous Cipher Endorses Another, As Obama Urges French People To Vote For Emmanuel Macron

Macron-Endorsed-Halo obama_halo Separarated at birth? Young, inexperienced at anything except politics, all the right friends and connections, purveying a vague brand of hope and progressivism, and so anodyne in his public pronouncements as to be the perfect tabula rasa on which voters can project their desires for a safe, centrist, choice for President.

Showing that he has no self-awareness, or any ability to learn from his mistakes, fresh from getting the opposite of his desired result in Israel, and also with the Brexit vote, little Barry could not resist stepping into the French fracas by recording an endorsement of Macron, and telling the French people how they should vote! It’s mercifully short, so, ahem, enjoy:

We can only hope that Obama’s endorsement of Macron’s hope and progressivism works about as well as his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, because the ugly truth hiding under that smirking vacuous facade (I mean Macron, this time) is very far from the sensible centrist depicted in the European and even the US press….

But wait, there’s MUCH more… If you think Obama was groomed for success by having his path to the top paid and paved for him by assorted globalists, socialists, and terrorists, then you’ll marvel at the way Macron was positioned to be ready for his big chance. You have to be good, lucky, or a useful puppet (or all three) in order to end up where he is, at an even younger age than Obama (39). Zerohedge had a nice compilation of his background, from which I’ve drawn a few items:

Born to rule? Emmanuel Macron was a graduate of the prestigious École national d’administration (ENA), one of the top academies in the system of Grandes Écoles, which were set up to groom future members of the Civil Service and the Government. Here in the USA, you go to the right schools, make the right friends, and you *could* end up in the “Ruling Class” – in France, there’s a whole system designed to produce administrators!! He rounded that out, as is common for favored graduates, with a stint as Inspecteur des Finances at the Inspection general de finances (IGF), a government auditing agency (loose description).

But that’s not all, Macron was recruited from the IGF into a position at Rothschild, highly recommended by other partners who were graduates of ENA, including François Henrot. At Rothschild, he relied far more on his charm and connections that on any actual knowledge of high finance, and after a junior role in a big M&A deal, was miraculously promoted to Partner! Other mentors who were pulled in to help smooth his path included the head of BNP Paribas’ corporate finance in Europe (huge French bank).

Standard liberal badge of honor? Of course, no high-flying man of the left is complete without some unusual ‘romantic’ escapades, and Macron does not disappoint, with a story bizarre enough to get criticism from Slate Magazine, who noted how this story would be treated if the home-wrecker had been a girl, or if an older male teacher had been the one making advances

At 39, Emmanuel Macron would be France’s youngest-ever president. His wife, Brigitte Trogneux, just turned 64. The two met when Macron was 15 years old; Trogneux was his high-school drama teacher. After putting off the young Macron’s advances for a while, Trogneux eventually divorced her husband—the father of her three children—and moved to Paris to be with Macron, who’d left his hometown to finish high school in the capital city. They married more than a decade after meeting, in 2007.

Not a centrist, either – Macron was Economics minister for the totally socialist François Hollande, and he became the last man standing in the first round of the presidential elections when the other left wing candidates flamed out, and the press succeeded in demolishing the nearest thing France had to a conservative, François Fillon.

This man has been picked from school, groomed through the system, is owned by the bankers and globalists, and has no morals. He is the perfect International Man, described by Foreign Policy as “The English-Speaking, German-Loving, French Politician Europe Has Been Waiting For” (retch).

Protected species? When email hacks suggested unsavory dealings and secret offshore bank accounts 3 days before the runoff election, the French government invoked rules protecting elections and candidates to ban ALL French media from mentioning the leaks before the election. (Bet Hillary wishes she could do that!)

Let us hope and pray that Obama’s intervention has the usual level of success, and that populist nationalism wins the day when the votes are counted this evening.

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