Mizzou Cutting 400 More Jobs, Closing Residence Halls, As Enrollment Plummets

militant-snowflakeI’ve been following the demise of Mizzou for a while now. What we need to remember, what every college administration and faculty must understand, is that this happened because of protests started by a poop-swastika nobody ever actually saw. It is the result of a h**t storm of little monsters nurtured and validated by the University system itself.

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, overall enrollment at the University for the previous year declined 6.1 percent. Current projections show enrollment is expected to (drop) 7.4 percent for the term starting in the fall, while first-time freshman enrollment is expected to drop by almost 18 percent.

Within the past two years, freshman enrollment at the University of Missouri has reportedly dropped 35 percent. The expected enrollment numbers will put the school’s enrollment at the lowest in nine years.