Let me see if I’ve got this straight: HOW is one not like the other?

by Skip

Really, it only depends on whose ox is about to be gored, eh Democrats?

Judge-judy Comey Hillary

(H/T: Powerline)

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  • Herb

    From Fox News, Aug 20, 2015

    “The small Denver technology firm at the center of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is speaking out.

    Griff Jenkins spoke to Andy Boian, crisis management coordinator for Platte River Networks, “On The Record” tonight.

    Boian explained that Platte River Networks was hired by the Clintons in June 2013 to upgrade, manage and secure their email server.

    He said the company never looked at the data on the server and did not know it included sensitive material. They simply managed and protected it based on what their clients requested.

    Boian told Jenkins that the server – which was handed over to the FBI on Wednesday – was never kept in Denver, but in a secure data center in New Jersey.

    He added that reports that any server was ever housed in a bathroom closet in a Denver apartment were erroneous.

    Boian said that he doesn’t know why the Clintons selected Platte River Networks to manage their server, and there were no existing relationships between the Clintons and executives at the company.

    “Platte River is not under investigation, nor have we ever been under investigation. And we plan to fully cooperate with the FBI at every junction,” Boian said.”

    Watch the “On The Record” exclusive interview above.

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