Kathy Griffin ‘Tops’ Herself

by Mike

Desperately trying to make some point or other about Trump, Kathy Griffin, considered by a shrinking number of people to be a stand up comedienne, tweeted a picture of herself holding a decapitated head of Donald Trump. Thus far, she appears to be the headless one:

Kickback was swift, even from CNN:

And she won’t be joining Anderson for the New Year’s shindig in 2018:

Cartoon by Ben Garrison

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  • sb

    I don’t trust CNN as far as I can throw them. They only did that because advertisers were pulling out and even some lefties were speaking out against it.

    My bet is that later in the year, after it all dies down, CNN will rehire her for New Year’s Eve.

    • Radical Moderate

      Direct hit sb!
      I was going to post the exact same thing. The kickback may have been swift but it was coordinated as well. All with the aim to make it appear that the poor Leftist witch has already suffered enough at the hands of her peers and has suffered financially as well. All to hopefully mitigate the chances of the Secret Service charging her with threats against President Trump.
      She should be behind bars at this very moment. The Leftist scum need to be taught a hard lesson. That’s the only thing historically they have understood. You cannot play nice with these people.

      • Wow you guys are hard core cynics!
        I love it 🙂
        As for suffering, unless Ms Griffin manages to offend a muslim or two, she should be grateful her head is still attached, because conservatives wouldn’t try to exact THAT kind of retribution.
        Playing the victim card isn’t pretty, and nor are her kind of antics. She may think beauty is only skin deep, but what I see is ugly.
        Ugly is as ugly does, some guy called Forrest once said.

  • sb

    I was saying this to somebody else just the other day but ties in here: what I used to think were reasonably sane and nice people, albeit “liberals”, that I used to think were just misguided and gullible, have said out loud that they wake up every morning hoping somehow President Trump died overnight. I don’t think they’d be upset in the slightest if this really happened to him! I also have a suspicion that these outrageous stunts and comments coming from the left are a way to toss the idea out there hoping somebody picks up the ball and runs with it. It’s really scary how unhinged they’ve become. I do hope Secret Service investigates her but I doubt anything would come of it.

    • Never forget the west coast “artist” who mocked up a gallows scene of “W”.
      We only want to kill their ideas: They want to kill US!

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