It doesn’t pay to be impolite

by Skip

Not being nice has Karmas eye

(H/T: Linkiest)

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  • I have a story in that area – once upon a time, I interviewed at a young firewall/vpn company, that was a new field for me. The Director and VP of support were nice guys, but decided I was too expensive/ overqualified for the size of their business. Disappointed, but c’est la vie.

    Fast forward about 5 years, and I’m a support director at a Wireless company, which was interviewing for a new VP of support – hmmm, name looks familar…. I walk in and the would-be VP recognizes the guy he rejected a few years before – asks if I’d hold that prior encounter against him – poor chap!

    It happens that his professionalism had impressed me before, and all worked out well in the end, but he sure had an awkward moment.

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