Blogline of the Day: It shouldn’t take the Wall Street Journal to enlighten the DC GOP about this

by Skip

WSJ EDITORIAL BOARD: The fastest way to lose Congress is by not repealing ObamaCare.

pants around ankles

The GOP has been promising this for 7 years.  The base put them in place for ONE and only ONE reason.  Complete repeal. Govt out of my decision making with my doctor.  No more mandates.  No more taxes. Heck, no more LOSING my doc or my plan.

But leave it to the Stupid Party to figure out how to stumble this to UTTER train wreck. They will bow to the media and Democrat onslaught, thinking that their narrative will be believed by “the electorate” and they will lose their seats.

They will lose their seats – but not for the reason they think.  The Dems won’t ever vote for them, period.  Independents?  Iffy, given the media.

No, they will lose their seats – their base will abandon them. They will hear, for the rest of their lives, this one phrase:

You had ONE job

<Shaking my head>  Speaker Ryan says 2-3 months the Senate will be ready.  Scuttlebutt is already at saying “this will take a long time”.

One job, and already they have their pants down around their ankles.

(H/T: Instapundit)

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