BlogLine of the Day – Does it fit the definition of a Right? Nope, you dope

by Skip

Miss USA spoke for many Americans when she said healthcare isn’t a right. Nothing that requires other people’s enforced sacrifice for your benefit is a right.

Once again, a Right is something that is innate simply because you are a human; you already posses it.  It costs nothing to exercise it as in the example of you standing on the corner to tell people what you think – the Right to Free Speech. It also costs others nothing in you doing that speechifying. However, I do not have to contribute anything to allow you exercise that Right.  In fact, I don’t HAVE to listen to you at all.

Healthcare is not a Right – they who proclaim that it is will not talk about the flip side – what does it take to have a healthcare right?  For you to exercise the faux “right” to healthcare, you exercise nothing.  However, you ARE claiming something tangible from others in order to have even others service your “right” to healthcare by either demanding that others have their money taken from them to pay your bills. And using government force to obtain it.  Or worse…

…you are demanding that others work for free to satisfy your “right”. You have made a claim to their labor, their talents, or their money – for free.  And feel entitled to do so.  You may not like it, but when a few used to force others to work for free, we used to call that slavery.

So, all of you demanding the “free” right to healthcare are no different than the Southern plantation owners who forced others to work for free.

How DARE you, using the tactics of the Left of redefining language to promote an agenda, enslave others for your own benefit?  Like those Southern plantation owners that you so despise?

(H/T: Instapundit)

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