You Know You’re In Texas When……

by Mike

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@GregAbbott_TX Tweeted:
You know you’re in Texas when you see signs like this. @NRA #Guns #txlege”

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  • Frito Pendejo

    You know you’re in Texas when your own governor touts idiocy.

    • Michael

      And what, may I ask, is indicative of his ignorance?

    • 175jfs

      Keimebe is back.

      • Frito Pendejo

        No, I’m my own a-hole. My Disqus profile is public; even a cursory glance at my posts reveals huge stylistic differences between us. Among other things, he’s good at “the dozens” – me, not so much.

        Further, I live in Texas; Abbott’s my governor. (So yeah, I get to have an opinion on the man.) I don’t know for sure, but based on what kemibe’s said of Texas in the past, I’m guessing he’d as soon disembowel himself as move here.

  • Michael

    It’s a myth, but Texas isn’t the best state for gun owners. That honor goes to NH or VT. AK, AZ, MT, and ME are runners up. TX is “honorable mention” at best.

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