Taliban: using that old “I killed my parents so have mercy on me, an orphan” schtick

by Skip

MOABWell, can’t say that I blame them – a large part of war is the propaganda effort.  Hey, it worked well for Ho Chi Minh to win the Viet Nam war, right?  So the Taliban is copying them, I suppose, in the aftermath of losing a whole bunch of insurgent fighters, lots of material, and a honeycomb base of mountain tunnels after the US Military dropped the “Mother of All Bombs” (e.g., GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, packed with 11 tons of TNT) on their heads. So the BEST they can do is THIS (reformatted, emphasis mine) whining?

…”The use and experimentation of such destructive weapons by foreign occupiers on our war-weary people and in every corner of our war-ravaged country is inexcusable,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said. “The Islamic Emirate condemns such barbarity in the strongest of terms and considers its perpetrators as war criminals. Such over-proportionate use of destruction poses long-term detriments for the environment and the development of our nation.”

He added that ISIS in Afghanistan is an internal Afghan matter and “if Americans fear for their security they should foil such plots at their own borders.”

Funny, Al Queda originated within your borders but decided to attack within ours – but I guess that bringing up 9/11 kinda ruins your narrative.  Remember, you Taliban allowed Osama bin Ladin to have his training camps in your territories.  Frankly, given what ISIS has said about the US, I see this as a possible “same problem” all over again.  You condoned it the first time and you’re condoning the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan as the second time.

…”The fact that the Americans claim that their presence in Afghanistan is limited only to a train and assist role while dropping 10 kiloton bombs on our lands only strengthens the voices of independence and jihad in our land,” he added. “…Such irresponsible actions only light the flames of vengeance and show the ugly face of foreign occupation.”

Gosh, I would think that an 11 ton bomb dropped on the enemy of the legitimate Afghanistan government is an “assist”.  But then again, you wish to overthrow it, for Shariah reasons, a second time.

But let’s get back to that “for the environment and the development of our nation” nonsense.  Pure propaganda – the only reason why you mention the environment is because you know that the Left uses that term and that subterfuge to stop a lot of things they don’t like.  And yes, I bet there are a few enviro-wackos here in the US that are completely upside down that a mile radius of the blast probably killed a lot of scorpions and other nasty flora and fauna other than ISIS warriors (who they are ALSO probably lamenting and wailing over).  That’s your point – to stir up ANY Fifth Column elements that would act as a brake.

Hey, Taliban, to that “development” part?  If I remember right, you’re the folks that want to retreat back to the 7th century – how “developmental” would that be for your nation?


(H/T: PJMedia)

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