Raising Prices and Lefty Intellectual Inconsistency

by Scott Morales

Ran across this on the interweb today and thought it a pithy summary of a lefty characteristic. The only problem I have with it is that it’s not just inconsistency, it’s also dishonesty.  They are dishonest. The left does not have principles that apply universally.  The only principle or lodestar  is answering affirmatively to the question:  “Does it benefit our agenda?”. The ol’ ends justifies the means cliché. If something is not beneficial to their side, it is bad and must be chastened.  If that same thing at some point does benefit their side it is good, and must be cherished. That’s it.  Just like Venn diagram below.  The principle underlying both circles is the same.  It’s just to what principle is applied is different. One is good. The other bad.  This is what makes the left, progressives, Democrats slithering shiftless vermin.

AEI Mark Perry's Venn Diagram

AEI Mark Perry’s Venn Diagram

There are more here.

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