“Man tipped for US ambassador role in NZ a former nude model who supports waterboarding”

by Skip

Scott-Brown-Kool-Aid3That would be the headline at the New Zealand Herald on the announcement that former US Senator Scott Brown, formerly of MA and now NH, has been appointed to be the next US ambassador to New Zealand.

Frankly, I can’t even begin to troll better than that.  You?

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  • allen

    well, that does take him off the political chessboard don’t it?

    we need more appointments like this. can we appoint john “canary” mccain as the ambassador to Vietnam?

    • Radical Moderate

      What a sweet deal for this quaft manicured RINO. The only one that comes close was when Ray Flynn was appointed ambassador to the Vatican. Talk about the easy life. This guy definitely won’t be breaking a sweat in New Zealand. Some people just refuse to get a regular job. They are addicted to the easy money from the public limelight. This guy moved his residence to New Hampshire for a reason.
      My worry is that we have not seen the last of this guy.

      • allen

        well, new zealand isn’t known for its dangerous critters like australia is. so we have little hope of an “accident”.

        • They have killer sheep – perhaps he could run into a lamb chop!

          • allen

            a RINO run over by a herd of sheep. now that’s karma!

          • Bryan W

            Killer rabbit?

        • Bryan W

          Maybe he’ll get caught in an earthquake.

  • Perhaps they meant “A buff dude who loves surfboarding” ?
    Or perhaps not 😉

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