Illegal Immigrants Not that Hard to Find After All?

by Steve MacDonald

US-Immigration-Logo-GettyImages-452533460How many times did you hear some politician, bureaucrat, or talking head say we’d never be able to find all those illegal immigrants? It seems like it was not as big a problem as they suggested but that the Obama administration did its best to make it worse.

The Obama administration left the government’s deportation force in disarray, according to a new report Thursday from the Homeland Security inspector general, which found deportation officers are so overloaded that they lose track of important cases, leaving illegal immigrants roaming communities when they could have been kicked out.

The problem is so bad that officers may even be losing track of critical national security cases, the inspector general said.

The surge of illegal immigrants under President Obama made the situation worse, adding hundreds of thousands of cases to the docket, even though officers weren’t given any new tools to help them deal with the backlog.

The article reports that immigration enforcement officers are handling anywhere from 5000-10000 cases each. That’s a lot of illegal immigrants, and it explains why Mr. Trump wants to add resources. Even if they just cleaned up the cases we already know about, that might mean millions of illegals off America’s streets.

We don’t need Ash Ketchum’s to work for ICE, but we do need more officers to address the backlog. Finding them isn’t the problem. We need more Processing power.

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