Data Point – Media Bias

A chart from seems to be pretty much on the mark:

“Please note that outlets on left and right sometimes publish material that’s on the opposite side of the political spectrum, or that has no political leaning at all. The placement is based on perceived overall tone and audience. Position on the chart doesn’t necessarily imply credibility or lack thereof. Sources on far right and far left have, in many instances, produced excellent, factually correct information at times.

Media Left-Right chart

“I have loosely placed more traditional information sources in the top half of the chart working down toward aggregators, fact-checkers, opinion sites and less news-related sources. (This posed some position challenges since most of traditional information sources are left-leaning.) I did not attempt to place individual programs or broadcasts.”

I would have only two quibbles with this in general:

  • The Economist is mostly left leaning, given its European roots and the socialistic democrat outlook in its pages (I used to be a subscriber via turning in airline miles)
  • I’m not sure that fits this chart well – if there was a Z axis to this chart it would be better represented.