We can thank the Progressives for the “Deep State”

by Skip

Although I have called it the Administrative State since the beginning of the ‘Grok.  A quick history:

“As a political movement now over a century old, progressivism was founded on the belief that new knowledge of human nature and behavior required a revision of the American political order. This faith in “science” was embraced by progressive president Woodrow Wilson, who wanted to discard the Constitution’s popular self-rule filtered through divided government and checks and balances, and replace it with administrative bureaus staffed by the “hundreds who are wise” who would guide and control the thousands who are “selfish, ignorant, timid, stubborn, or foolish.” The ancients called this “tyranny,” a consequence of human nature’s lust for power and domination that frightened the founders and explains the structure of the Constitution.”

In other words, using Government to kill off the Constitution’s values and philosophy and slide right back into the ancien regime of a (self-) appointed aristocracy and royalty. Crumbling ourselves from the inside?

The essence of Tyranny.

(H/T: Remus via Susan)

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