Blogline of the Day – when the “star” of the Democrat Party isn’t a Democrat….

Sanders Is Headlining the DNC Unity Tour…But Still Doesn’t Want to Be Called a Democrat

bernie-sandersSo the Dems are parading around a guy, Bernie Sanders, that calles himself a “democrat socialist” before running for Prez, signed up to run as a Dem, immediately resigned after the race…

“No, I’m an Independent,” Sanders said when asked by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes whether he now identifies as a Democrat.

…and now calls himself an “independent”. Thus, we have two levels of lying going on:

  • First, he’s more popular, as a Socialist, than any of the actual Democrats in the Democrat Party
  • Second, what does that say about the perception of the Democrat Party as a whole that it has to have someone front them that isn’t one of them? How sad is that – for the Party of Diversity to have a really old white guy that gets cheers and the Chair of the Party gets boos at rallys?
  • Third, what does it ALSO say about the Democrat Party ideologically that a Socialist is now the face of their Party?

Can we now unequivocally say that there are no differences between Socialists and Democrats?

(H/T: Townhall)

by Skip

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