Blogline of the Day – no, I am not responsible for your guilt.

by Skip

Social Justice is another name for collective guilt and punishment, which means it’s actual injustice.  Individuals can only be praised or punished for that which they have done.  Beyond that lies madness.

And Social Justice (such a nebulous term!) isn’t just for spreading guilt – it’s real purpose is to gather Power from you to the person wielding that disgusting phrase – they are the real fascists in today’s Political Correctness / Cultural Marxist world. So stop trying to make me join you in your misery.  I am responsible only for me (and my kids under the age of majority).

Just leave me the heck alone, eh?  Besides, my Mom was far better at guilt inducing than the current crop of crappy Commies trying to Alinsky us all.  The only necessary and proper response to them include the letters “of” and “f”.

Go read the actual post as it is worth your time even if just for a quick read

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