Another “Sanctuary” City Evolves

Ed Murray
Ed Murray

The Mayor of Seattle is up for the Annual Gerry Studds Medal of Heroism. He should win re-election in this city handily.

Mayor Ed Murry isn’t just another pretty face. Here is his Re-Elect Ed Murry website if you want some pictures of Ed with some minorities.

I am sure this paying a minor for sex, thing, will all blow over as it does with other progressive politicians and campaign donors. I call it the “Woody Allen Effect.” He is such a great person, and dad, otherwise. Why should some small idiosyncrasy make him a bad guy? You can’t normalize without a few trailblazers, you know. A copy of this most recent alleged dalliance with a minor accusation is in the lawsuit brought by the plaintiff, “DH.” It is posted here – with a warning. It is not for the squeamish.

Mayor Murry has a husband who works for the City of Seattle, surprise. I have not seen any interviews with him about the current accusations and lawsuit.

Good luck to Seattle in moving their city forward.