Windham NH Town Meeting – HiJinks over the School Board elections?

Is this the rise of the Good Ole’ Boy network fighting against those that have brought Big Flashlights to dark corners? Take a listen to this segment from GirardAtLarge with current Windham School Board members Ken Eyring and Tom Murray:

In reading Kimberly’s piece, it does seem that there is mischief abounding – and elections are tomorrow.  Ken has a big target on his back by the Good Ole’ Boys, including our favoritist Windham Dubious Duo, Al Letizio Jr. and Dennis Senibaldi, in trying to turn off his Flashlight – back at work, boys?  How’d that work out when you decided that you wanted to sue both GraniteGrok and Kimberly, eh?

I remember something about “knees”, “grovel” and “make it stop”;  you?  And you guys just lite another match?  And include moi in a whisper campaign?

More to follow.

(H/T: Ann Marie Banfield)

by Skip

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