Windham NH School Board Hijinks – Kimberly on Girard at Large this morning about Al Litizio (Jr.) and Dennis Senibaldi

“You know, you’d think these guys would have learned their lesson after the last time that they were exposed for how nasty they were. But of course, they haven’t. They can never be decent human beings”

That’s Kimberly talks about Windham‘s own Al Litizio (Jr.) and Dennis Senibaldi about them trying to shaft a really good guy, Ken Eyring, in the Windham’s School Board.  She explains how little the candidates they’ve back have done and steps through a number of the “they’re part of the problem” others they’ve backed. It’s not a pretty picture on these puppets and minions (“corruptocrats”).

Minutes 1-7:

(H/T: Girard at Large)

by Skip

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