Did Trump Pay a Higher Tax Rate Than Warren Buffett’s Secretary?

by Steve MacDonald

MSNBCThe big news that’s not news at all is that MSNBC and Rachel Madcow reported that in 2005 Donald Trump paid $38 million in taxes on $150 (152.7) Million in income. That’s 24% of his income lost to Uncle Sam.

Big whoop.

Back in 2012, Barack Obama chose Debbie Bosanek, Warren Buffett’s secretary to make a case for how unfair the US Tax code is. Poor Debbie was paying over 30% according to Obama while her boss only paid 17.5%. Her boss earns his money on capital gains, so he isn’t paying any income tax. He’s paying a tax based on profit from risk taking, also known as investing. Debbie is paying taxes on her paycheck, which at 35.8% (or whatever it really was) suggests she earned between $200,000.00 and half a million a year.

That is unfair. Obama should have used his phone and his pen to lower the tax rate for Debbie and everyone else to 17.5%. Instead, Barry-O used the IRS to chase health-insurance dodgers and attack political opponents the latter of which are what Rachel Madcow and the nutty f*ckers™ on the left are trying to do to Mr. Trump.

Someone (probably on the left) broke the law so we could learn that after all the other taxes Trump dished out for payrolls, property, and the million other shocks that US business owners incomes are heir to, he gave up another 24% of his own income. In 2005.

You got him cornered now.

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